Winter Riding Update

Posted on: December 10, 2022

Winter Riding

Just because Oneida County ATV/UTV trails closed December 2 doesn’t mean you can’t continue to ride through the winter months and right into spring. Winter rec uses include road routes that remain open and ice-fishing holes that need accessing. But it’s important to follow safety tips (covered in a future post) and know restrictions. PLAN AHEAD AND BUNDLE UP!!!

State Roads:

You can’t ride on or in ditches of a state highway (i.e. number road, like 8, 51, 47) year round unless specifically marked as an ATV route. There are none marked at this time.

An ATV route that is a Northern Highland – American Legion (NHAL) forest road closes with the ATV trails. This includes the “Highline” route just south of St. Germain and the portion of the “Woodruff North/South” route that just opened to ATVs and UTVs this fall.

The 3 mile loop road route at the end of Flowage Road in Lynne Township is only open July 1 – Dec. 31 annually per DNR’s easement with BCPL.

Iron Gate Rd in Willow Flowage Scenic Waters Area remains open until the snowmobile trails open. It is also closed during the Spring Thaw.

County Roads:

Oneida County highways (i.e. letter roads) approved for use by ATV/UTV are open year round.

Township Roads:

Each Town has its own ATV road route ordinance.

Frozen Waterways:

ATVs and UTVs can travel along Wisconsin’s waterways as long as it’s frozen and there is public access to the waterway, but use caution. If the ice is 5 to 7 inches deep, it’s safe to drive an ATV on it. If the ice is 8 to 12 inches deep, it’s safe to drive a UTV on it.

Additional Restrictions:

During the winter, ATV/UTVs are not permitted on trails maintained for skiing and/or snowmobiling. The 28 degree rule only applies to counties that have winter ATV trails. Oneida County does not have frozen ground ATV trails.

There are several road routes that become snowmobile trails. They remain open as routes after ATV trails close but are closed when they are groomed for snowmobiles. For example:

  • Cruisers Rd, Memorial Forest Rd, and a section of Trout Creek Rd just west of the County Landfill in Woodboro.
  • Spruce Lake Rd in Cassian.
  • Gobbler Lake Rd in Little Rice.
  • Iron Gate Rd in Willow Flowage Scenic Waters Area.

Some road routes may be signed “CLOSED” due to Spring Thaw and Class II road restrictions; for example, Nose Lake Rd, Rozell Rd and Iron Gate Rd.

Reminder: You must slow your ATV/UTV to 10 mph or less when you are riding within 100 feet of an ice fishing shanty, or a person not riding a motorized vehicle — such as another ATV or snowmobile rider, while on the ice.

 ATVs and UTVs that are outfitted with tracks cannot be registered as an ATV, UTV or snowmobile. Therefore they can only be operated on private property or frozen waterways.