Woodboro Lakes Update: This road runs from Oscar Jenny up to Old K. Still working on getting this road open. Larry is gong to talk with the Ruffed Grouse Society to further progress. Will keep you updated. 


Directors: Bob Bell and Jim Cleary were recognized for all they do and have done for the club. They were appointed directors on 7/20/2019.


Reading of minutes: The reading of minutes will no longer be read aloud at the monthly meetings. They will be posted on the website after the meeting for viewing. A link to the meetings on the website will be included in email reminders of the next future meeting for easy reference. 

Board Spending Limits: A spending limit was voted on and agreed to the amount of $5000.00. The spending limit was first, seconded and passed unanimously on 7/20/19. 

Cassian Town Roads: The Cassian town board voted unanimously to open all roads in the town of Cassian. 



Swamp Lake Rd to County Hwy L Trail is in progress. A resolution is being drafted. Kracker Barrel Trail: A vote was taken and passed unanimously for repairing the trail. An estimate of $4000.00 was given and approved for all the repairs. 

Poker Run: Sheets are available at Silverado, Twin Bay, Boomba and Alpine. 

 On behalf of the Nokomis ATV Club, a $1000.00 check was presented by Larry Rydberg, president, to the Fire Department Chief, Don Richert, to help in the upgrading of their A/V equipment. 

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